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  ENX and ANX Take Major Step towards Global Automotive Network
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ENX and ANX Take Major Step towards Global Automotive Network  
Certification of ANX as an ENX service provider finalizes interconnection of networks with a joint user base of more than 1.600 companies

FRANKFURT, PARIS, SOUTHFIELD (Mich.) – July 20, 2010

ENX Association, the governing body of the communications network of the European automotive industry and ANXeBusiness, a leading provider of networking and managed security services, today announced the interconnection of their networks, creating a global standard for secure business-to-business (B2B) data communications. The official agreement, which allows ANX to act as an ENX Certified Service Provider (CSP), was signed on July 8 after a successful two month pilot phase.

The interconnection of the ENX and ANX networks enables over 1.600 connected OEMs, suppliers, other companies and organizations across Europe and North America to establish secure, private connections with any partner in both networks at no additional cost.

We are very excited to have connected the ANX and ENX networks,” said Rich Stanbaugh, president and CEO of ANXeBusiness Corp. “Significantly increasing the size of our communities while maintaining our stringent requirement for performance, availability and security creates tremendous value for our customers.”

ANX and ENX Managed Security Services support mission-critical business data exchange and real-time processes in sectors such as finance, product research and development as well as supply chain logistics. Using state-of-the-art encryption technology and network management, both private networks deliver reliable performance, complete accountability and highly secure communications. Guaranteed service levels and strict user authentication protect companies from common security threats, vulnerabilities, performance problems and availability issues found on the Public Internet.

“When we began our cooperation with ANX, it was imperative that we provide a secure, unified communications network that would allow our customers to connect with the highest level of ease and confidence, at no additional cost,” said Lennart Oly, Managing Director of ENX Association. “All project goals and our tight schedule were met in full, ENX certification of ANXeBusiness was achieved in record time and our joint customers now have a strategic edge when it comes to securely sharing information.”

ANXeBusiness has met all the requirements and passed audit review by German TÜV Rheinland Group in order to qualify as an ENX CSP. While most aspects of ANX and ENX networks were already compatible with each other, connections across the networks use central services built into ENX’ core infrastructure, such as redundant Points of Interconnection (POIs) and a Public Key Infrastructure established by the ENX Certificate Authority (ENX-CA), also located in Germany and certified to government standards.

The signing ceremony took place during ENX Association’s 10th anniversary board meeting, which was hosted by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie, VDA) in Berlin. VDA had been the driver behind the „ANet" project that then became ENX in 2000, together with initiatives from France, Spain and the UK. During the board meeting, a secure video conference with the US was demonstrated, using the network interconnection. The test setup also included the „ENX over Internet“ onramp service, a new variant of the ENX Managed Security Service announced a month ago.

Setting the benchmark for industry networks over the last 10 years, ENX and ANX, expanding on their automotive origin, have also been selected by other European and North American industries such as Defense, Aerospace and Medical Equipment manufacturing. The new global connectivity option and a common technology standard make Secure Private Cloud solutions even more attractive for other industrial and government communities.


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